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Our media consumption patterns today are quickly becoming a combination of 14-second videos of “#PizzaRat” paired in stark contrast to eight hours of dedicated couch time with a different kind of scoundrel, Mr. Francis Underwood. For better or for worse, the current age of email blasts, incessant tweets, texts and other information bursts seems to have made us all also crave deeper storytelling.

But movie theater attendance slumps will tell you that it isn’t just about creating emotional connections with audiences. It’s also about offering them convenience in today’s age of immediacy. There are two key traits that #PizzaRat and Underwood have in common: They elicit universally recognizable human emotions, and they allow us to escape on our own time, on our own devices and in our own homes.

So what can creators and advertisers learn from these affinities?

According to the most recent TiVO study, bingeing is no longer a negative term, with the vast majority of consumers admitting to binge watching and 73% of them having positive feelings about the habit. Our recent Frank About Women survey also revealed that women, in particular, tend to add incrementally to their overall viewing consumption with bingeing habits. And that bite-size content has not particularly weakened longer-form content viewing for either men or women. In strong numbers, 32% of men and women are more than willing to consumer, talk about and distribute interesting content if it is both meaningful and impactful.

Regardless of format or length the key to creating trendy content these days is finding new ways to elicit real connections with consumers on their own terms. Wondering if your brand can capitalize on binge or bite trends? We can help.

Source: Friends of Frank survey
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Karen Wilson SVP, Group Media Director

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