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Bite-Sized Content

Like many millennials, I start my day by stumbling out of bed, walking across my room to turn off the alarm on my iPhone, and getting back into bed to sleep for a little while longer. This process repeats a couple more times until my final alarm, which I’ve labeled with the message “GET UP!”

The first thing I do after turning off my alarm is check email, social media accounts and my weather app. The Daily Skimm arrives in my inbox long before I wake up and greets me with a catchy subject line and skimmed-down articles on recent, important news. As I think about what to wear to work, I scroll through and get my news fix. Although it seems chaotic to immediately check text messages, emails, the weather, Facebook, Snapchat, TimeHop and other apps, getting this bite-sized information all at once keeps me updated about what I missed and sets the expectation for my day.

According to our Friends of Frank survey, the top three preferred methods of consuming news among millennials are social media, online newspapers and TV. The words most often used to describe these methods of news consumption were “simple,” “convenient” and “quick.” Female millennials specifically reported that their greatest obstacle to consuming news is not having enough time. As a female millennial myself, I identify with the struggle of constantly multitasking to get everything done, and I seek out products and services that are simple, convenient and make my life easier.

In a “go, go, go” society where time is precious, we have drastically changed our communication habits. It is crucial for brands to deliver concise and relevant messages to consumers to break through the clutter and be heard.

For example, several months ago, Chase Bank partnered with theSkimm to successfully educate news-hungry women across the country with bite-sized snippets about rainy day funds, 401(k)s and spending prioritization in their daily email newsletter.

In this fast-paced world, consumers are constantly pressed for time. For a brand to be truly heard, it must deliver relevant and bite-sized information, rather than bog down the consumer. For marketers trying to effectively target women, morning can be the perfect time to reach them, before their days get busy. It is also important to give women tangible, immediate information as their time is precious and limited.

Is your brand prepared to be bite-sized?



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