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We have discussed the mommy wars through the years with much heart and soul here at Frank About Women. And we’ve noticed that few topics in the media have caused as much passion and milk-slinging as how and what a mommy feeds her baby. Breastfeeding benefits skeptic Joan B. Wolf, author of “Is Breast Best?”, has been accused of hating mothers and children. Meanwhile, breastfeeding mothers in the U.S. continue to feel shamed for feeding their baby milk in public, leading to a spreading trend of nurse-in protests.

Because we have a diverse group of women here on our staff, we have a diverse group of mommies who have had every possible experience with breast- and bottle-feeding you can imagine. Some of us (hand raised) have personally had all of them among our various children (completely different experiences with each of my three kids). One of our senior colleagues here was devastated when she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, only to discover that her milk simply didn’t come in. Who knows why, but no amount of wishing, sucking and amazing lactation consulting could change it for her. So she found herself in the baby aisle contemplating her formula choices, where she was verbally attacked by another female customer who informed her that, “You are killing your baby with formula.” It’s moments like those that we can choose to come together and support each other as MOMS instead of breastfeeding moms versus bottle-feeding moms (and what do you do with moms who combo breast and bottle feed?).

So when we saw this video from Similac that quite literally brings the Mommy Wars to life in a park, and then pivots on the fabulous insight that all of us mommies have a common goal, our heads were turned. They not only uncovered a wonderful and relatable human truth but they also have rounded it out with a “Sisterhood of Motherhood” movement to support new mommies and urge them to leave the judgment behind and remember that “We are moms first.”

We admire Similac’s bravery in tackling such a controversial issue by redirecting the conversation to bring the two sides together. The more supportive we can be of new moms, the better our kids will turn out, and that’s something we can all certainly agree on!

Is your brand caught in the crosshairs of a controversy by its very nature or because of the turning tides of consumer sentiment? That’s exactly the kind of challenge we love to help with. To continue the conversation or learn more about Frank About Women, contact Chief Marketing Officer Shaun Stripling at 336.774.9397 or by email.


Joan B. Wolf
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