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I don’t know about you, but my social media feed seems as if it’s overflowing with news of major life changes from friends near and far. The news is never just a quick status update; it’s a full-on production. Whether we’re recently engaged, just married, a new homeowner or announcing a new baby, the pressure is on to make that announcement bigger, better and more creative than ever. As proof, you’ll get a kick out of Kris & Kats Surprise Baby Announcement. With 1.7 million YouTube views, that’s pretty respectable for a baby announcement!And even big brands can be a part of the action. For example, Donnie McGilvray recently proposed to his girlfriend using Coca-Cola’s limited edition “Share a Coke” campaign bottles. The photo he posted to Coca-Cola’s Facebook page received over 1 million likes and 50,000 shares. A day later, Coca-Cola responded to the photo, congratulating the newly engaged couple. And it’s not just Coke that’s being invited to participate in these deeply personal moments. Diehard Starbucks fans have been known to feature their iconic cups in big announcements too – bride-to-besave the date, and a baby announcement. Now that is inviting brands to truly be part of your life!In a recent Frank About Women survey, we asked 100 millennial men and 100 millennial women if they thought that brands could play a meaningful role in our biggest life events. The results? Sixty-five percent of the women age 21 to 34 said “Yes,” and 43% of men age 21 to 34 are even on board with the idea.

So, how can your brand play a role in these big moments? The trick is to be present authentically and of course, not to be a party crasher! That starts with building a meaningful relationship with your consumers in their everyday moments. And we, at Frank About Women are here to help. Contact Chief Marketing Officer Shaun Stripling at 336.774.9397 or by email.

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