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August 12, 2014 —

When you Google “beauty on a budget,” the first listings on the screen are for YouTube vloggers and bloggers. Beauty as we know it has monumentally changed. Beauty counters and style magazines are running in second place behind the new generation of beauty gurus. Women who make videos and write blog posts about drugstore eye shadow and other affordable makeup brands are the championing voices in the industry. Being a stylish lady on a budget is the name of the game!

Not only are these educated loyalists accessing coveted beauty advice more digitally, via apps and social media, but they also know how to seek quality on a budget. Whether it’s a smoky eye or ombréd lips, beauty enthusiasts are taking out the makeup middleman and finding answers on their own. Social media provide an open community where they can easily find dupes for their favorite luxury makeup and skincare brands.

Please rest assured: Your favorite beauty retailers that carry a plethora of makeup and skincare brands are not going anywhere anytime soon. According to Forbes, U.S. prestige department-store beauty brands reached $10.6 billion in revenue in April 2013. I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of lipstick and mascara that I have probably purchased! Perhaps not surprisingly, women want more variety when it comes to their beauty stash, so buying inexpensive products is the way to accomplish this.

When chatting with our Friends of Frank, these beauty shoppers shared that they love the convenience of walking into their local drugstore and picking up recommendations from favorite YouTubers or close girlfriends. These beauty mavens want more options, adore coupons and deals, and most important want to feel empowered in their purchasing decisions when doing something special for themselves. According to one of our Friends of Frank, “Shopping on a budget allows me to have more variety. I only spend more on expensive products, like foundation, because I know the quality is better.”

Social media provide an open forum where we can confide in one another. Beauty is just one small step on the longer road of what the social space can provide in real-time interactions. I love that I can open a social app and post whatever is on my mind and get instant feedback from friends around the world. Real-time interaction and being in the know is a powerful trend dominating the social space. Next time you’re on Facebook, just take a look at the conversations happening and how questions are being answered. What runs the world? Social media!


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