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She has a ton of experience working with brands that market to mothers (through Persil, Clarks and Boden) as well as brands that market to millennials (Lucozade and Lenovo).

She is a huge fan of Boris Becker and Boris Johnson.

She is pretty competitive. She used to be a swimmer on the German National Swim Team.

She is also a self-proclaimed geek in mobile technology and organizational behavior. She has worked around teh world at top agencies including The WPP Fellowship, Grey London, BBH, Monterosa and now Mullen Lowe and Frank About Women.

She has a real passion for making parenthood more feasible in this industry. While it’s traditionally been primarily a woman’s challenge, she thinks it’s our responsibility to advance this cause not just for women, but also for men. Men often face more discrimination in this area than women do. She is not a fan of gender bashing or radical feminism. She strongly believes in leading by example and focusing on how things should be, without complaining about how they are.