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Working with her brings you straight talk without an attitude. She infuses positivity in all situations and provides her clients with honest and usable input.

She likes to say that she’s multiculturally curious and passionate about many different ways of life. She considers herself an advocate not only of women’s rights but also of diverse points of view.

She loves brand and creative strategy, and credits it with the grand adventure that has been her career, leading her to many different cities and countries in her travels and work with clients and consumers. For work, she’s not only developed brand positioning and social strategy and hung out in consumers’ homes; she’s also shopped for shoes, imbibed beer in Europe, visited different resorts in the Caribbean, gotten makeovers, and ridden every ride at Disney World.

She never stops moving, either physically or in her life and career. She’s constantly evolving, reaching, and setting new goals.

She spends her “off hours” as MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! She’s raising three extremely outspoken kids who teach her how to be better at her job and a better person, every single day.