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She could probably write a book on the art of multi-tasking. With 3 kids under 6, a full-time job as Managing Director of an advertising agency, Executive Board member of a leading children’s festival, the all important role of ‘Mum’s Taxi’ and everything else that pops up in-between, it takes some serious planning expertise to remember just to pack school lunches most weeks.

She has had the pleasure of strategizing, crafting, analyzing and creating brands from many different points of view – as a client, a researcher, innovation specialist, planner and now as a behavioral strategist.

She gave up a career in classical music for her first job in marketing and hasn’t looked back. And while she still plays when she can, her repertoire these days is more along the lines of ‘Old McDonald has a Farm’ rather than Mozart.

She dreams of the day when a full night’s sleep isn’t a rare treat.

She is ‘Mum’ in the agency but more importantly, a voice for women in the work it produces. And now with a young daughter she is even more committed to making a positive impact on the way society views the role of women today.