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She is the daughter of a general, so is our resident “military brat.” She attended 16 different schools and lived in nine different cities around Columbia, Brazil, Venezuela and the U.S. For her, growing up in a mobile community offered the opportunity to understand different cultures — she grew up being a natural “ethnologist.” This is why some people call her Urbina … and because Marialejandra is too long and hard to pronounce.

She has had the good fortune not to have “bosses” but to have “mentors.” You may need to Google their names: Farida Kbar, Andy Halley-Wright, Bernardo Geoghegan, Francisco Samper and José Miguel Sokoloff. They are all guilty of making her into the type of planner she is today.

She has been working in advertising since 1990. She began working in a small agency as account executive, until 1998 when she transitioned to planning after an internship with Merry Baskin at JWT London. In 25 years she has worked for small and big brands — from local brands to household names like Coca-Cola and Ford.

She would love to change her title on her business card to: Planner, gardener, activist, vegetarian, wife, hiker and traveler. Her bio is still very much a “work in progress.”

Marketing to women is not about knowing what they do; it is about WHY they do it. The path to finding “why” a woman does something, no matter her age, race or nationality, is quite an adventure.