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She is naturally curious about people and things, and she loves to dig out the connections between people and brands. She is passionate about how to impress people and solve brand problems and she found her calling in the advertising industry.

Her hero is Sherlock Holmes because he is really good at observing people and analyzing things, then figuring out the truth. Of course, his only weakness is that he is emotionless.

She has loved working with diverse clients including Nestlé, Chani Airport, Guerlain, Lei Shing Hong and Anta.

She is crazy about photography. It is a unique way to observe and record the different sides of people and the world through the camera lens. It’s also a great way to capture a moment of beauty and share it with others.

She is naturally curious about herself, her mom, her female friends and other women. She believes women are a powerful group that is changing the world. Navigating how communication can influence and impress women has never been more important or more interesting.