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Gold Is This Season’s Hottest Color

On this summer’s world stage, the U.S. women really stepped up to show their power, besting the men by winning 27 of the 46 American golds. In fact, as The New York Times noted, “Had the women competed as a separate country, they would have ranked third in the overall medal chart.”


From Simone Biles and Katie Ledecky to Ginny Thrasher and Claressa Shields, the women came to win. These women weren’t just here to kill it on the gymnastics floor or in the pool, but also in the more male-dominated sports such as rugby, water polo, rifle shooting, wrestling and boxing.


But when you’re a woman, it seems that total domination isn’t enough. Apparently you have to look pretty and smile a lot too.


Dove tackled the media’s double standard head-on with Noting that we’ve been exposed to media comments about a female athlete’s appearance over 328 million times since April 2016, Dove has been compiling those comments via a social feed and encouraging site visitors to help shift the conversation from appearance to ability. It’s a perfect extension of Dove’s Real Beauty platform, which has always been about so much more than a woman’s appearance.


So kudos to Dove for shining a spotlight on this outdated attitude, shame on the media for perpetrating it and, most of all, a huge congratulations and thank-you to women athletes everywhere, who continue to inspire generations of girls to chase their dreams.


Now bring on Tokyo – we’ll be watching all of you in 2020!




The New York Times

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