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Home of the SWANK: Mom as a Homeowner

For our last installment of the Home of the SWANK white paper series, we interviewed 150 homeowners who happen to be moms. We learned a lot of things about how they approach home ownership, but the age-old philosophy still applies: If you want to get something done, ask a mom. She has mad skills. If multitasking were a sport, she would take the gold. That’s basically because creating a family and raising kids has built an intricate system of physical and mental muscle power that she never knew she had. It’s kind of like when you vacation for a week at the beach, and the first few days of walking in thick sand force you to beg your legs and lower back for forgiveness, but by the end, you are master of your calves? Yeah, like that. She’s large and in charge of home and hearth. Either get on board with mom, or get out of her way. Learn more about how she amplifies her own performance through the brands and services she selects for the home with the final chapter of Home of the SWANK: Mom as a Homeowner.

Shaun Stripling About the Author
Shaun Stripling Former Global Director, Frank About Women

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