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In our last report, we introduced you to today’s “SWANK” — Single Women, Affluent, No Kids, Homeowners and gave you insight on how they approach home ownership and building out her outdoor spaces, as well as how their shopping experiences differ from those of Single Men Homeowners and Family Women Homeowners.

In this next installment, we’ll take a deeper look at Swanks and the role their homes play in their overall health. We will share four key truths of how Swanks approach establishing and maintaining a healthy home, as well as what brands can do to better connect with them. We’re excited to share our findings with you in this third issue in our 2015 white paper series: Home of the Swank: The Healthy Home.

To continue to the conversation and learn more about Frank About Women, contact Chief Strategy Officer Shaun Stripling.

Cindy Abad Mancheño About the Author
Cindy Abad Mancheño VP, Associate Director of Strategic Planning

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