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Though we’ve been focusing on SWANKs and homeownership in the previous installments of our white paper series, “Home of the SWANK,” there’s another group worth mentioning: SINGLE MEN. Since 2001 single men have been responsible for one in every 10 home purchases. And with the number of single Americans constantly increasing, that number is only expected to rise.

Single men are an untapped and perhaps misunderstood segment of homebuyers, but we at Frank About Women have figured them out. In our fourth installment, “Home of the SWANK: Single Dudes and Their Homes,” find out just who these single men are and their unique feelings and motivations when it comes to homeownership and shopping for their homes. Plus learn four truths every marketer should keep in mind when reaching out to this increasingly influential group of homeowners.

To continue to the conversation and learn more about Frank About Women, contact Chief Strategy Officer Shaun Stripling.

Claire Glisson About the Author
Claire Glisson Former Strategic Planning Intern

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