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January 30, 2015—

Due to the national attention a few players received in 2014, Frank About Women believes the NFL took the initiative to stand up and share its perspective on a much-debated subject: domestic violence. The NFL partnered with the anti-domestic violence organization, No More, to create this powerful Super Bowl PSA.

Link to video.

The women of Frank About Women screened the No More ad via email, which fueled the following series of thoughts:

“This Super Bowl commercial may be the most powerful one yet. It sure gave me chills. Wow.”
— Kaycie, Project Manager

— EB, Account Supervisor

— Shaun, Chief Strategy Officer

“Even more chilling that it’s based on a real 911 call.”
— Paige, Assistant Account Executive

“Really? Wow, just wow.”
— Shaun, Chief Strategy Officer

“… I volunteer at a domestic violence center, and this is actually a tactic we teach victims. Glad to see the idea is getting mass exposure to those who could use it, but unfortunately also being leaked to the aggressors.”
— Megan, VP, Account Director

“Have you heard of the Aspire News app? Built for use on smartphones, the Aspire News app is a major development in domestic violence safety and is the first of its kind. The app is disguised as a normal icon and even has a decoy home page, so you’ll be safe if your abuser takes your phone.”

“The most important feature of the Aspire News app is called the GO Button, which you can activate the moment you are in danger. Once activated, the GO Button will send a pretyped or prerecorded message to multiple trusted, preselected contacts, or even 911, saying that you are in trouble. Additionally, once the app is activated, your phone will begin recording audio of everything that is going on in the room, which can be used as evidence for any legal proceedings that may stem from the incident.”
— Kelly, Director of Broadcast Business Affairs

“Domestic Violence, I really wish this could be more commonly called Domestic Abuse. When we hear or read the word “violence” we think of physical harm. There are many other forms of abuse, for example emotional abuse which is probably the most widely used form. I really like this spot with the exception of calling 911 which leads us once again to physical abuse.”
— Heather, Media Operations Coordinator

“I‘m sorry I have to say abuse or violence. However you want to phase it, it is never the answer. In this case it was physical, and there was a history of beatings. Really powerful spot. Worried that abusers will catch on, though, as Megan mentioned.”
— Lillian, Art Producer

“For those interested in more on this paramount issue, I strongly encourage you to watch the documentary Private Violence, directed by N.C. filmmaker and director Cynthia Hill. Much of the film takes place in our home state and is a stark reminder that this abuse is taking place all around us.”
— Sarah, Assistant Media Planner

This is a topic the women of Frank About Women could not ignore. We look forward to seeing the rest of the Super Bowl ads this Sunday. If you would like to join in on the conversation for our live tweeting during the Super Bowl, please follow us on twitter @frankaboutwomen.

Shaun Stripling About the Author
Shaun Stripling Former Global Director, Frank About Women

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