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When was the last time you walked into a store and were completely disappointed at the size ranges available? It happened to me recently, and the first thing I did upon exiting the store was log on to Twitter and let the brand know! This maybe a millennial move, but we are now conditioned as a society to use social media to let brands know when they rock and when they roll over and die.

Consumer influence is rising, with no end in sight. Look no further than Target for proof. In a sea of bland “curvy girl-friendly” attire, the brand hired three influential plus-size bloggers to help them conceptualize their Ava & Viv plus-size line. Target is one of many brands trying to follow suit, but let’s take a step back: 37% of consumers in the U.S. can fit a plus-size top or bottom, but only 15% of the market is being represented. As one of those women who fits in this demographic, I would drop dead before wearing a muumuu in ditzy floral print … I will pass.

The issue at hand has less to do with fashion and more with the power of social media. In this fast-paced, socially driven world of transparency, we demand answers and action now.

Good news: There are endless opportunities to turn challenges into triumphs. Just like millennials, smart marketers know how to seize the day. To continue the conversation or learn more about Frank About Women, contact Chief Marketing Officer Shaun Stripling at 336.774.9397 or by email.


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Chakayla Taylor Former Account Coordinator, PR and Social Influence

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