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If you feel that everywhere you turn there’s another product touting its claim to “natural” fame, you’re not alone. Natural products — from food to personal care and even to household goods — have been booming lately. Just ask Jessica Alba, whose Honest Company raised $100 million this past August. But it’s not just niche brands getting in on the natural action. When even General Mills announced an end to artificial flavors in classics like Trix and Lucky Charms, we knew something had to be up.

So we reached out to 150 household shoppers and asked them about their natural-buying habits. Many said they were buying more natural products than before across a range of categories. Women were more likely than men to say they’re buying more natural products in virtually every category. In fact, women were 123% more likely than men to be buying more natural beauty and personal care products, 62% more likely to be buying more natural household goods, 35% more likely to be buying more natural health and wellness products, and 8% more likely to be buying more natural food and beverages.

But why exactly are we so charmed by natural products today? Well, here again women and men expressed slightly different motivations. Women were 33% more likely to say that natural products are safer and 11% more likely to say that natural products are better for the environment. Meanwhile, men were 48% more likely to think that natural products are simply more enjoyable to use and 6% more likely to say that natural means healthier.

Still, we suspect something more than personal preference may be at play, because we’ve noticed an increasing sense that natural products are something we “should” be using. Our respondents agreed. Eighty percent of American adults also told us that when company comes over, they want to hide away any traditional products and get those natural products out on the shelves. Notably, men were even more likely to agree with that statement than women. And regardless of gender, 9 in 10 said that natural products are trendier and/or more stylish than their traditional counterparts.

Perhaps our desire for a natural ingredient or natural packaging isn’t just about health or a personal dedication to green living. Maybe we’re just living in the age of Pure Pressure.

Wondering how to harness trends like this for your brand? We can help.

Source: Friends of Frank survey

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