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“MullenLowe London is launching a  film, Redraw the Balance,’ revealing the gender stereotyping already prevalent among children as young as 5. We captured the issue live when we asked 20 children to draw a firefighter, surgeon and pilot – and of 66 pictures drawn, only five were female. This dialogue is a critical step in future-proofing equality for generations to come. Just as kids tend to be beautifully blind to cultural differences and see everyone as the same when they’re young, we need to give them the freedom to embrace gender equality before it’s too late.”

The film is in support of Inspiring The Future, a charity that seeks to address the issue by asking volunteers to pledge one hour of our time to go and talk to school children in state schools, to show them all the opportunities available to them. 

Shaun Stripling About the Author
Shaun Stripling Former Global Director, Frank About Women

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