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Strength In Numbers

Women are powerful in their own right, but get a group of them together around a common goal and you might as well take cover, because it’s going down.


I recently attended an a cappella competition and was struck by the female power demonstrated onstage by my high school all-girls group. They sang with purpose: to empower women, to highlight our strength and to show that we have a message to be shared. They were inspiring! Their set started with some content from “Flawless” by Beyoncé,  which defines feminism and speaks to me as a mother, a friend and a marketer: “Feminist: a person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.”


Feminism is the pursuit of equality. It is a charge to stop applying different rules to different people: to not pay a woman $0.79 to a man’s $1; to fight for respect for all people. This is a social issue that has been fueled by the political process but is also a fight that has been raging for decades. What’s different now? We are forming mega-groups to fight this fight as ONE.


We have seen the power of women as they rallied around the first woman since 1972 to run as a major-party candidate for our nation’s highest office. Pantsuit Nation took hold as we stood together to share our voices and opinions with the world.


We saw thousands of women march on Washington to fight for equality and respect for women. This wasn’t just limited to the event in our nation’s capital; women around the world stood up, took to the streets and made their voices and presence heard.


Being a part of a strong group of women — whether a march or a book club or an a cappella group or even a marketing-to-women business — we all know that we are stronger together. As brands, we can pull from this power and highlight the voices of these influencers. Brands can be feminist too! And we should ALL support that.


We need to continue teaching our young women to be strong, to be feminist and to lean on their fellow women for strength, power and support.


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