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What happens when brands take note of pioneering women in China?  See how Guerlain leverages the elite spirit of the modern Chinese Woman.

There is a notable woman who took the rain forest as her home. She planted, raised children, and built houses and research labs for more than 10 years. She protected the last part of the rain forest in China with her love and her life. Her name is Li Minguo.

In the tropics, any single-crop planting pattern tends to be a disaster. However, there is a large area of natural rain forest in Xishuangbanna that has been successfully transformed with rubber trees, greatly reducing the damage to the local ecological environment and regional climate.  (Take Jinghong City, for example. It had 184 foggy days in 1954, but only 22 foggy days by 2005.) Li Minguo and her husband, German ecologist Dr. Josef Margraf, used 60,000 square kilometers of their own property in the mountains to build a research lab. They devoted themselves to finding a suitable way to reconstruct the local rain forest and improve farmers’ lives. Two years later, three million different types of trees have been planted.

There are countless women like Li Minguo in China. Actress Zhaowei, for example, launched V Fund, which treats leukemia patients; journalist Yang Lan founded World Women International Forum, which lobbies on behalf of women and societal development. More and more in China, strong women are devoting themselves to a better world.

In a similar vein, there was a group called “Scholars-Bureaucrats” in ancient China, which originated in the pre-Qin Dynasty, formed in the Song Dynasty and flourished in the Han Dynasty. Although it underwent many changes over many years, it always adhered to its core “Scholars-Bureaucrats spirit: Scholars pursue the truth.The organization insisted on strong moral ideals, a “chaste  and noble” personality and the importance of  social responsibilities. Nowadays, the spirit of Scholars-Bureaucrats” does not belong only to men. Clearly, women are passionate about and have the tools and the dedication to help better the world.

“The Modern Women Elite Spirit” aims to retain and continue the spirit of the ”Scholars-Bureaucrats.” It is a positive and respectful attitude toward oneself and the outside world, a perspective that champions the principle of social responsibility; The pursuit is not only for the persistence of one’s own elegance, beliefs and career but also for the selfless devotion to issues that affect society and ecological balance in the world. The women of “The Modern Women Elite Spirit”  do this not for privileges or benefits. They do it because the spirit is deep and visceral within them — compassionate, respectful and unswerving.

In cooperation with Li Minguo and Yang Lan, Guerlain is launching “The Modern Women Elite Spirit” in China. According to Guerlain, theseare  women who are “The Pioneers in Thoughts and Actions for the Commons,”  and who serve on behalf of society. They are like beautiful orchids blooming in an empty valley: lovely, elegant and steady.

Today, Li Minguo’s two daughters, Lintan and Yuantan, who spent their childhood in the rain forest, are following in their mother’s footsteps to protect the fragile rain forest. “The Modern Women Elite Spirit” can change the world in the name of elegance.

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