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It’s a fancy way of saying we’re some pretty darn curious, creative, clever characters with a near-obsessive attention to today’s female consumers. And with good reason — women today have plenty on their minds and even more in their bank accounts.


Frank Thinks
Strength In Numbers
Women are powerful in their own right, but get a group of them together around…
posted on 4/5/2017 by
Elizabeth Bragg
Frank Thinks
She Said, He Said: Super Bowl LI Edition
Let’s face it, America’s been through some polarizing times in the past year. From Ryan Lochte to the perils of Pokemon Go, it seems there’s a lot we disagree about. But one thing that still…
posted on 2/10/2017 by
Kate Hanley
So you better believe we listen, soaking up all we can about the world around us and the women who laugh, cry, sip, chew, work, sleep, zumba, text, pin and, of course, spend their cash in it. But listening is just the beginning.


We investigate the far-from-obvious, challenge assumptions, connect the dots — never quitting until we reach the provocative insights and innovative ideas that help brands build meaningful relationships with real women.


And then we start all over again. Because in a world that’s changing this fast, there’s nothing more dangerous than using yesterday’s pickup line on tomorrow’s lady. Other than swimming with sharks in a sushi dress, of course.